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Tubex Shrub Shelters

The Tubex Shrubshelter range is a strong, wider diameter treeshelter, designed to accommodate large and multi-stemmed planting stock. Tubex Shrubshelters will improve survival rates by protecting plants from rabbits, mice and voles. Growth rates may be less rapid than when using narrower diameter treeshelters.

The Tubex Shrubshelter should be well supported with a strong stake to resist strong winds.


Natural regeneration of a seedling usually occurs under the shade of its parent where conditions are characterized by lower light intensities, higher humidity and reduced air movement, all of which combine to reduce planting stress. Tubex Shrubshelters imitate these conditions while providing a dependable approach to plant protection and facilitating forest management. Correctly installed and used Tubex Shrubshelters:

  • Reduce the stresses associated with the seedling transfer from nursery to planting site.

  • Reduce seedling losses caused by animals.

  • Increase rate of seedling survival after planting.

  • Improve overall planting project success.

  • Reduce time spent on inspection and maintenance.

  • Provide cost savings by avoiding the need for fencing and enabling more efficient herbicide applications.


UV-stabilized polypropylene co-polymer


Seamless twin-walled, tubular, design for structural integrity and durability.


Specially blended green to blend into the background

Life Span:

UV stabilized for outdoor use, anticipated life span of 5-7 years, actual life will vary based on user's latitude and elevation

Exclusive Features:

Continuous, scrape-free, flared, rim.


Available in 24 & 30-inch increments


> 5-inch Diameter. (Packaged in nested sets of 4 shrubshelters with varying diameters. 28 Shrubshelters per package)

Fastening ties:

Easiest to use and most durable ties available. Pre-threaded, pre-looped and releasable, nylon ratchet locking ties to fasten to an anchoring stake.

Anchoring stake:

We offer a high quality, naturally rot-resistant, white oak, stake, 1-inch x 1-inch, with a pencil-point ground on one end. Ask our foresters for material and length recommendations because stake length must be suitable for tube size.


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