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Tubex Tree Shelters

Tubex Treeshelters are an important tool when attempting to establish difficult to grow tree seedlings on challenging sites. Developed in the United Kingdom in 1979, land managers in over 25 countries around the world are using millions of Tubex treeshelters to protect their valuable tree seedlings. The twin-walled, solid, translucent, tubes provide maximum protection from animal browse damage, wind, chemical sprays and equipment. In addition, the greenhouse environment created by the shelter promotes seedling growth.

Foresters, wildlife managers, woodlot owners and tree planters consider the Tubex Treeshelter the standard for seedling protection. The Treessentials Company is proud to work with, Tubex, the world leader in the innovation, development and manufacturing of seedling protection solutions.

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Natural regeneration of a seedling usually occurs under the shade of its parent where conditions are characterized by lower light intensities, higher humidity and reduced air movement, all of which combine to reduce planting stress. Tubex treeshelters imitate these conditions while providing a dependable approach to plant protection and facilitating forest management.
  • The Tubex Treeshelter offers an exclusive, twin-walled, construction design for structural integrity, strength and durability.

  • Tubex Treeshelters are extruded as a tube, not a flat sheet so no assembly is required.

  • Superior long lasting and durable fastening ties are already threaded and looped in each Tubex Treeshelter, so no assembly is required.

  • Tubex Treeshelters offer a unique exclusive laser line of perforations that run the length of the shelter, so that when a tree is ready to expand beyond the diameter of the treeshelter, the treeshelter will not interfere. The tree will split the treeshelter along the line.

  • Tubex Treeshelters are constructed with a unique outward, flared rim to protect the tender young stem as it first emerges from the treeshelter. The tender seedling slides around on a smooth surface, not an unprotected, sharp edge.

  • Tubex Treeshelters are constructed with durable strengthening rods that run the length of the Tubex Treeshelter to prevent ties from tearing through on windy sites.

  • Tubex Treeshelters provide a tree seedling with 5 – 7 years of durability and protection.

  • Tubex Treeshelters create a “mini-greenhouse” environment for tree seedlings. As the tree leaves transpire, moisture condenses on the inner walls of the treeshelter and rolls back down to the soil.

Tree Shelter and Planting Site Management and Care
  • Choose tree species suitable for the site, climate, sunlight, soil conditions, and other environmental factors. Consult with local forestry professionals, your state forestry department, your local soil and water conservation district office for seedling selection and land management advice.

  • Install treeshelters over tree seedlings on planting sites that receive a minimum of 6 hours of daily direct sunlight.

  • Inspect planting site annually (minimum) to ensure treeshelters and stakes remain sound and upright.

  • Practice vigorous weed control for a minimum of 3 years or until the tree is large enough to shade out the vegetative competition below. We recommend installing the VisPore Tree Mats at the time of planting to provide 3 years of weed control.

  • Remove the treeshelter if filled by fast growing trees.

  • Dispose of treeshelters fragment as they breakdown naturally. The Tubex Treeshelter is made from a chemically non-reactive and biologically inert polypropylene that is not harmful to the environment.



UV-stabilized polypropylene co-polymer


Seamless twin-walled, tubular, design for structural integrity and durability.


Specially blended green to blend into the background

Life Span:

UV stabilized for outdoor use, anticipated life span of 5-7 years, actual life will vary based on user's latitude and elevation

Exclusive Features:

Continuous, scrape-free, flared, rim.§ Laserline of perforations to prevent constriction of fast growing trees.§ Built-in, strengthening rods at the stake area for added durability.


Available in 2, 3, 4 and 5-foot increments


4-inch average. (Packaged in nested sets of 5 treeshelters with varying diameters.)

Fastening ties:

Easiest to use and most durable ties available. Pre-threaded, pre-looped and releasable, nylon ratchet locking ties to fasten to an anchoring stake.

Anchoring stake:

We offer a high quality, naturally rot-resistant, white oak, stake, 1-inch x 1-inch with a pencil-point ground on one end. Ask our foresters for material and length recommendations because stake length must be suitable for tube size.

...and other Tubex products not listed on the Tubex USA web site are available. Minimum quantities may apply. Please contact us toll-free (800) 248-8239 for details and to make arrangements.


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