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Tubex Ventex Tree Shelters
TUBEX Ventex provides all the benefits of the TUBEX Standard Plus Treeshelter, with the added focus upon optimizing stem diameter and plant biomass in warmer climates.

Early trials on treeshelters in warmer climates produced the expected improvements in establishment and growth, but this was tempered by concerns about insufficient stem diameter. As a result, TUBEX Ventex improves growing conditions for trees in warmer climates by modifying the traditional treeshelter balance of air (primarily CO2), air humidity and light to produce ‘optimum’ growing conditions where these elements are in ‘equilibrium’. These modified conditions are produced through specifically sized and positioned ventilation holes and a modified shelter colour and light transmission profile.


Hints & Tips

  • Use a well-driven quality stake to a soil depth of at least 1’ (possibly deeper in cultivated soil).
  • Using the TUBEX Standard’s natural strength, push the shelter into the ground to remove gaps at the base.
  • If tree fills shelter diameter before the normal degradation period (5 years +), consider removing the shelter or manually initiating the laserline split.
  • Due to its lower positioned ventilation holes the TUBEX Ventex is better suited to an environment where herbicide spraying is not used extensively.

Quick Specification:

  • Heights: 3’, 4’, 5’ & 6’
  • Nests: 5 tubes
  • Color: Light Green
  • Diameters: 3.15’’ to 4.7’’
  • Bundles: 60 tubes
  • Ties: 2 x 10”

TUBEX Ventex treeshelter with twin-wall tubular construction, Laserline, manufactured from environmentally harmless polypropylene, with abrasion-reducing flared rim, added strengthening rods and pre-fitted releasable ratchet ties.

Material Composition:

  • UV stabilized polypropylene, harmless to the environment
  • Two nylon ratchet tie attachments

Special Features:

  • Flared rim to minimise stem abrasion
  • Pre-fitted premium, releasable ratchet ties for ease of installation and maintenance
  • TUBEX Laserline - laser generated perforations forming a line of controlled weakness along the shelter, designed to burst as the tree fills the shelter
  • Patented ventilation allows for optimum balance between temperature, CO2 and humidity, giving a stress free climate and increasing overall biomass


  • Built-in strengthening rods prevent ties tearing the shelter in strong winds (unique to TUBEX)
  • Durable twin-wall construction for the best possible strength-to-weight ratio
  • UV stabilized to provide an estimated lifespan of 5-7 years (can vary beyond this range depending on site conditions)


  • Suitable for a wide range of planting stock and most site conditions to provide improved growth and survival rates, and reliable browsing protection
  • A cost effective alternative to traditional rabbit & deer fencing