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Tubex USA offers seedling establishment products that are specially designed and proven to improve seedling survival, increase success rates and accelerate growth.


The Tubex USA 3-step approach to successful seedling establishment has become the standard for forestry. From mine reclamation sites in Pennsylvania to desert restoration sites in Arizona, from establishing 600 miles of riparian buffer in Maryland, to planting hardwoods in the largest wetland in California, Tubex USA is doing the job. The technology is complex but the concept is as simple as 1, 2, 3!

  • Protect and support the seedling for the first five years.
  • Control grass and weed competition for the first three years.
  • Fertilize the young root system for the first year.


Foresters, conservation professionals, tree farmers and homeowners have confirmed the cost effectiveness of our proven three-step approach to tree seedling establishment. Don't waste several years finding out that you saved a dollar and ruined your planting. Or worse yet, spent that dollar for the wrong product and still ruined the planting. Remember that the original is still the best.


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Tubex Treeshelter
Installation Guide


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