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Bird Netting
Net and Forget with Cropsafe Netting

The protection of valuable crops from the damage caused by birds has now become a factor in crop management and control. Birds can deplete the crop tonnage dramatically. Bird pecked fruit can lead to oxidation and bacterial infection, which will compromise the quality of the fruit giving rise to volatile acidity in the wine. Bird control can be one of the most critical control factors in grape growing. Netting is the most effective bird control solution in the vineyard today. Netting is lightweight, making handling easier when installing and removing. It allows light and air to filter through so there is little shading during the ripening process. The unrestricted air movement ensures that diseases to the wine canopy do not occur.

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Cropsafe Netting was developed over a number of years, the goal being to produce a cost effective net that would protect crops from bird and pest damage. At the same time ensuring that fruit development was unrestricted. The net had to be strong, resistant to the deteriorating effects of the sun and it had to be easy to install and remove.

Strength was critical as the same net could be used a number of times during the one season. It has become common practice in Australia to move nets from the early to the later ripening varieties, ensuring maximum use and value from the nets.

Cropsafe Netting has been tested for mesh strength and has shown to have a tensile strength superior to many nets out in the market today. It has been combined with UV treatment, which protects the net from the deteriorating effects of the sun. Cropsafe netting will be there to protect your crops for many years.

Environmentally friendly, cost effective, easy to install - Cropsafe netting will protect crops from bird and pest damage.

Use Cropsafe Net and Get Total Crop Protection!


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