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Cost Saving! Check out the New T-Bands...
  • No girdling
  • Fast installation
  • Tying and training
  • Reusable
  • Won't fall off with mechanical harvesting
  • Natural, UV protected rubber (same material as a car tire)


Dimension A Diagram

T-Bands Dimension A Diagram

T-Bands Product 3

Product #3 (1 1/4" Dimension A)

Ideal for training canes to 3/8"

T-Bands Product 5

Product #5 (1 5/8" Dimension A)

Perfect for irrigation hose to wire and canes 3/8" to 5/8"

T-Bands Product 8

Product #8 (2 5/8" Dimension A)

Great for catch wires and 5/8" plus canes




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